Zucchini flowers, male and female


Second Day of Good Things

Bella Waiting for Lunch

So warm here, the peach tree is trying to bloom!

One very confused peach blossom, blooming in December

Grape Harvest

Grape Harvest

One bowl of our grape harvest. We made nine gallons of juice.

Swan in Lake Davis

Swan in Lake Davis

These two swans have been daily visitors to Lake Davis. They are beautifull and well-behaved.

Figs in Orlando

Figs in Orlando

Our fig tree produced a bumper crop this year. My fig bread was so delicious, I used them all up with none left for jam.

Alligator captured in our lake

Alligator captured in our lake

I was out picking salad for dinner and saw this alligator being captured in our lake. We did not have it for dinner with the salad!

Starfruit blossoms

The carambola blossoms are as thick as grapes.  The starfruit will be just as profuse.

Bananas in Orlando

Our first stalk of bananas for 2011.  Maybe, if it doesn’t frost, we’ll have some to eat.  So few people get to see banana flowers.

Tree Frog snuggled in a Lychee Leaf

Here is a little white tree frog nestled in a leaf on my lychee tree.